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San Jose, CA 95122

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The Towa USA office provides direct sales and support for our customers with locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America regions.

Since the founding of TOWA Corporation in 1979, Kyoto Japan, it has been our longstanding commitment to "continual technical progress," we have always pursued development of new products and innovation in manufacturing technology with the goal of achieving win-win relationships with our customers by working directly on joint development projects, and the establishment service centers in the world’s major semiconductor producing regions. These efforts let us develop a firm foundation to meet the needs of the technical evolution in the semiconductor field by "providing the products and services that our customers require, in a timely fashion, in the optimum location, and at a reasonable price."

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As a world-class company that prides itself on its manufacturing, we continue to work passionately towards creating new cutting-edge solutions in order to meet the needs of our customers and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our corporate mission is to contribute to the growth of the world’s industries by developing and providing key enabling technologies for each successive generation of products. Simultaneously, TOWA strives to maintain a "quarter-lead" over the competition in order to insure that our innovative products are always the first to market.

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Towa USA is conveniently located just minutes south of San Jose, CA.